Basic Info
My name is Vincent Wong, a young man who love the smell of books, texture of woods, and enjoy interact with people.

Thank you for visiting and these are the collection of my best works. :)
Full Resume
Work Experience
  • Editor in Chief
    Titik Dua // Indonesia
  • Head of Magazine Division
    HIM DKV Binus // Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Intern Graphic Designer
    Thinking*Room // Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Freelance Graphic Designer
    Vincent Wong // Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Managing Editor
    Desain Grafis Indonesia // Bintaro, Indonesia
  • Design Director
    Plaza Desain 2012: Osmosis // Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Art Director
    Amuse Studio // Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Design Director
    DKV Binus TKH 2011: Marcapada // Indonesia
Networks (1)