l'uvalla cosmetic package * redesign

Created: 05/18/11
Last Edited: 09/23/13
2011 Sopron
    l'uvalla Certified Organic
    R E D E S I G N
    The l'uvalla is a French firm, that markets organic cosmetics for middle age women. It was a redesign project for me, in which I tried to renew it's image bearing in mind so called "bio-feeling", "elegance", suggesting clear and reliable experiences.Evolving my concept, my goal was adjust to the company's trend, it's image. The logo was given soI had to take into consideration that fact during planning period. Those flower motifs which are visible on the packaging I assembled about pressed petals. These are equally expandable and fictile depending on the product range.Photos thanks to Boldizsár Nádi.
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