Yoga Nidra | Sony Music

Created: 05/03/10
Last Edited: 02/15/13
Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation used to relax and induce sleep. Nidra literally means 'sleep'. The tracks featured on this album are crafted to help the listener achieve a deep sense of relaxation and peace and ultimately heal sleep disorders. The album is specially aimed at working professionals who deal with a great amount of stress in their jobs.

My interpretation of the brief was to bring in elements of nature in a pleasing, balanced design. The curves flow organically and the balance is achieved by using symmetry. Subtle, cool, floral colours inspired by the Indian landscape do not overpower the viewer. A completely Indian look was not required for this inlay, so I stuck to a generic visual language, translating Indian motifs into a modern, more global design.

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