The making of Sanskar Bharati Rangoli

Created: 08/11/12
Last Edited: 10/22/14
A film was done to explain preparation of 'Sankskar Bharti Rangoli' with an artistic touch.
  • The making of Sanskar Bharti Rangoli
    Sanskar Bharti is a type of rangoli's in India done in Maharashtra and some part of South India. It is done by using all 5 fingers of hand. A film was done to show the preparation of this kind of Rangoli. This Rangoli is Colourful, white border, symbols which depict meaning. 
    A film was done by a team: Deepali Karanjavkar, Kalika Arora, Parul Bhatti, Akshata Prabhu.
    Art of Rangoli was done by: Deepali Karanjavkar
    An Academic project: IDC, IIT Bombay, INDIA

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