Switch Water - my first brief

Created: 04/29/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Name, package and advertise a new brand of Water.
Our solution: SWITCH WATER.
  • Switch Water
    My first brief at Edinburgh Napier University
  • "A new water source has been discovered very close to the university campus. Name it, package it, advertise it. It's a 48 hours brief".
    This was the first brief I have ever received and this has been my team's solution.
  • The logo
  • The packaging - it is designed to look like a light bulb, but it is actually a bottle you can drink from
  • 1st Poster (ashel): Switch on.
  • 2nd Poster (Billboard): Swtich on your life.
  • 3rd Poster (Billboard): Switch your brain on.

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