Piggie Oink

Created: 02/21/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
So this is a paper toy made with a basic 3d template by TOY'S TLELO, the layout for printing its for sale. (if you like it so much I can send it you for free as a PDF)
  • Paper toy pig / Puerco de papel
  • some kind of rough sketching...
  • Straight or natural?, the question ...
  • Doodling around with strokes... 
  • Color and dirt... piggie is getting alive
  • hmm stills plain...
  • ok plain its nice, lets make a 2d version...
  • This is the originality certificate
  • oh its so cute! (hungry?, I got a coin for you Piggie)
  • Now its done, Piggie is in the city!

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