HECTICA Typeface

Created: 06/12/13
Last Edited: 09/15/13
HECTICA is an uppercase alchemic typeface Frank Hemmekam created at his internship at Herman Poorterman.
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    HECTICA is an uppercase alchemic typeface i've created in my internship period at Herman Poorterman.
    I recommend you to use the font at a 48 pt size or larger.
    If you are interested in having the font, please feel free to contact me.
    Hectica itself is also available for licensing for larger projects.
  • A L P H A B E T
  • more characters are included
  • N U M B E R S
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    F O N T I N F O
    Only uppercase                                                         Designed for display/poster                                                  Design/created by
    Numbers and characters                                                  Alchemic typeface                                                         Frank Hemmekam
    OTF file                                                                             Downloadable                                                             Netherlands, 2013
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  • P o s t e r    d e s i g n    b y:  
    P o s t e r    d e s i g n    b y:  
    Appreciate my project if you love it!

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