F I O . À . M E A D A

Created: 05/05/11
Last Edited: 12/20/13
This is an intervention site-specific in a gallery in Óbidos, Portugal. The exhibition is called "asxxhoras" (atxxhours), the main theme is the invitation.
  • F i O  À  M E A D A

    ÀsXXHoras is a graphic Design exhibition at NovaOgiva gallery. The theme was "an invitation".

    Informations are an essential part of an invitation. It allows localisation not only throughout time but also in space, it’s here that lives “Fio à Meada”.

    Inspired by the underground maps, this installation site-specific with more that 4 meters, uses the central piece gallery's heater and allows the spectator to find his way throughout the gallery in a peculiar form.
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