Dr. No Effects Guitar Pedals

Created: 02/29/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
This is a project that started as a experimentation with different render techniques for a Graduate Level class at my MA in VFX at SCAD.
  • Dr. No Effects Guitar Pedals.

     This project started out as a in class project. I created the Kafuzz pedal model from reference images I found on the Dr. No Effects site and around the web. I later used Eric van den Boom's redesigned decals for these guitar pedals to texture the model. I built the shaders in Autodesk Maya with simple Blinn materials as this was what the exercise required. In this final version I used some Mental Ray materials to build the chrome parts and the gold plated jack in the Kafuzz image.
  • Initial wooden floor. This floor was then changed for a more realistic looking floor.
  • Final wooden Floor
  • Kafuzz close-Up
  • Madfly pedal close-up
  • Octofuzz pedal close-up
  • BlackMagic close-Up

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