Die Glorifizierung des Banalen

Created: 01/10/13
Last Edited: 10/04/13
How does a can of soup become a work of art, a statue become an icon, or a piece of music turn into a hymn?How is that we manage to convert the seemingly superfluous into something of an essential survival kit or something average into something ground-breaking? It is time to challenge existing methods and mechanisms of the design industry in terms of its products and values, and to test them as well as define them in an experimental, artistic process. Six methods of glorification were investigated on the basis of everyday occurences as part of an arts-based research project with a workshop character in order to be merged into a publication. “The glorification of the ordinary” is the title which attempts to perceive that which is special and unique. In a 192 page compilation, designers of the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg all manifested an idea that deals with ordinary things and situations through the medium of text and image on both a theoretical and creative level.

Published by:
Phil Gstrein, Lisa Maria Hofmann, Christoph Pichler, Alexander Sellas, Markus Steindl

Phil Gstrein, Alexander Sellas

Phil Gstrein, Lisa Maria Hofmann, Christoph Pichler, Alexander Sellas

Lectorate by:
Petra Meeraus


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