Classic Architecture Studies

Created: 10/17/12
Last Edited: 01/02/14
These are some drawings and sketches from my degree of Architecture, in Spain. Indeed, they were done during the classes of the best teacher I’ve ever had: Mr. Joaquín Lorda.

He thoroughly explained to us every single aspect of classical buildings and traditional construction, and encouraged us never to give up learning, for which I am much obliged to him!

The notebooks cover the four subjects he taught to us, all about the history of construction, aesthetics, composition and classical architecture, from the early Greek buildings to the late XIXth Century.

Although we studied nearly all the cultures, there is a special focus in Spanish architecture in some of the notebooks. As part of the subject, we had some amazing on site visits throughout the country, involving drawing and measuring. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any visit abroad...

Pen and pencils on several Moleskine Diaries.

2008 & 2009

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