Cardboard Chair

Created: 07/27/11
Last Edited: 02/23/13
A cardboard chair made of identical modules.
  • A modular alternative.
  • My take on the classic design project, a cardboard chair, is one that utilizes modules that can be rearranged into multiple configurations.

    Each piece of the chair is formed from identically cut and creased pieces of single-ply cardboard; whether that component becomes a support, connector, or cushion depends on how you fold or combine the pieces.

    The main structure is composed of a section of a geodesic dome composed of equilateral triangles. There is no glue or any other type of fastener; the structure is held together from strategic slotting of the components and the friction between them. in the It is capable of holding upwards of three-hundred pounds, and is actually very comfortable.

    This project was designed in my Spatial Dynamics class at RISD in the summer of 2011.
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