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2012 Entrance Exam at Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm
  • Entrance examination - Berghs School of Communication
    Branding Space


  • Sender 
    A newly created Swedish travel agency for commercial space travel.

    One-fifth of the world's population followed the historic moon landing in 1969. The first person inthe history of the world took “one small step for man” on the moon. Now, just over 40 years later,the door is open to the first space tourists. An entirely new travel destination, bounded only by ourown lack of imagination.
    Far up north in Kiruna, Spaceport Sweden ( has created a position asone of the world's most attractive “airports” for space tourists from all corners of the world. Allairlines with capacity for commercial space travel are welcome to use Spaceport Sweden as theirspaceport. A first agreement is already in place with the current top space airline – Virgin Galactic.

    Several companies want to take up the fight with Virgin Galactic, whose strength includes skillfulmarketing communications, and win the potential European space tourists. This year's applicationassignments to the Berghs School of Communication are based on a fictitious new Swedish spacetravel agent that wants to join the space race and get an early market share. And they want you astheir communications advisor!

    It’s time to brand space! The new Swedish travel agent understands that the next couple of years aremostly about winning the communications battle and ending up “top of mind” – one of the first tobe directly connected to space tourism – among future space tourists.

    To achieve top of mind within one year, among those who actively sought information on spacetourism.
    To be perceived as the natural choice of operator within one year, among European space touristswho plan on using Spaceport Sweden for takeoff and landing. To have booked 500 travelers within three years.

    Target group
    Space tourists are an entirely new target group, one probably not limited by age, sex or residence. This group has a huge interest in unique experiences and would be willing to spend (throughloans, sponsorships or own savings) what would amount to several years of vacations in the sun onone single vacation on the moon; a love of adventure and good health are factors likely to bind thegroup together.

    Most importantly, Virgin Galactic (, but others including:
    Incredible Adventures
    Space Adventures
    Atlas Aerospace
    Big Sky Adventures http://www.bigskyadventures.comSpaceTopia
    Voentour M

    The assignment
    Depending on the educational program you are applying for, you will be asked to accept variouschallenges related to the launch of the new Swedish travel agent and the strengthening of itscommunications. And don't forget – only a handful of people have been in space, even if manywould have liked to go there. So let your ideas be just as crazy and magnificent, but also asinsightful and as feasible as this challenge permits. Claim your share of space before someone elsedoes!

    1. Name the travel agency. Motivate the selection of the name. 
    2. Make a logotype for the agency. 
    3. Make a marketing campaign to start of the agency.
    3a Create a communication and campaign concept.
    3b Create a campaign that raises target group's interest, curiosity and desire to explore the concept and space. There is no financial limit, but the idea must be feasible.
    3c  Communication channels / platforms - Make the campaign for at least four different media / platforms. Here we want to see a mix of digital and analog media.
    4. Brand Extension - Space travel is what the company is focusing on, but wewant you to provide other services or experiences that serve as a support for core activities.What can you offer the audience while waiting for his space mission, or for example for those who never get the opportunity to actually ride but still want to be part
  • Bifrost Space Adventures
    Bifrost - In Norse mythology the bridge leading from earth into space and ended up in Asgard. The road from earth into space.

    In Sweden, we doesn't think of Scandinavia as a particularly exotic or interesting place.We have forgotten the old pagan stories that are full of adventure and further north than Åre we go heel not because of the snow and cold.

    What we do not realize is that all this things that is so typical for Scandinavia doesn't exist in many other places on earth. Therefore, many other people in the world think that Scandinavia is a very exotic place and a place full of nature, mythology and adventure.

    I chose the name Bifrost because it reflects so many aspects of the space airline. Bifrost is a travel company for space travel and to travel into space is like traveling on the bridge named Bifrost into space for endless adventure. The name is also typical Nordic and is associated with ancient Nordic mythologyis full of adventure and the outside of the north is seen as very interestingand exotic.

    The logotype was inspired by design found in today's space industry. It is futuristic, technological and it contains a planet's orbit in a smart way woven into the typography to represent space.

  • Print campaign
    Marketing in the form of billboards in europe 10 economically strongestcountries.
    Print campaign will be extremely well exposed and visible on the bestadvertising space in the cities. It will pop up over night and be everywhere.The newspaper at the breakfast table, in the bus shelter en route to work / school, alongside busy roads, in the subway and so on.

    I've done 3x Swedish ads and 2st International. All follow the same design language for the recognition factor, just with different ads from the personaland humorous copyn. The advertisement must communicate space, adventure and endlessly without feeling uncomfortable or unsafe, as one might imagine a space voyage. When you see the ad is targeted to be curious and the personal and fun copyn become a hot topic, and therefore suitable spread to several segments via WOM.

    All ads are the same design and feels again very strong and we are looking for more ads to read what it stands for fun and interesting to them.
  • Digital campaign

    Interactive banner on Europe's 10 largest daily newspapers Web sites.
    A banner that follows Bifrost Space Adventures visual expression and as an illustration of a typical space adventure with Bifrost. It is interactive in the sense that when you move your mouse over the banner to see a small circle (the one in the pictures are at Spaceport Sweden). This circle is representing the spaceship to travel with.

    When they arrive at one of the various adventures which are marked there will be a picture in the circle representing the planet / adventure that shows a scene of that particular adventure to attract target audience to click and read more on the website. 

    When you arrive at the bottom of the banner to the circle that says "Your life's adventure" the text changes to "a mouse clickaway" for the target group to be curious and really know how to get moreinformation about Bifrost Space Adventures.

  • Direct advertising
    A postcard sent from space to you! The postcard should look like and have the feel of a typical postcard sent from a vacation resort but its signed by a person traveling into space with Bifrost.

    On the back is a message and there is a plastic pouch with an attached SD card. The SD card contains pictures and movies from a trip through space with Bifrost and will be taken on a tourist trip into space to get the right feeling. The card also contains information about Bifrost Space Adventures.

    This will get the target group to spend time to learn more about space tourism and that this comes from Bifrost will make the audience connects space travel and space adventure with travel agency Bifrost Space Adventures.
  • Brand Extension
    Bifrost Race to Space - The telecast, which has approximately the same format as the show "amazing race". 10st pairs chosen from personalapplications submitted will compete from a place in Europe withslutdestanation moon.

    It will follow the couple on their trip to the moon during an exciting contest forwhich couple will be first to the moon. The couple comes first where you win a sum of money.

    The program will maintain the target audience, and especially those who can not afford to go on a space vacation. Bifrost Space Adventures willappear very much in the program and the program's primary purpose is to get the public to be very aware of space tourism and space tourism connectwith Bifrost.

    Brand extension 2
    Out in the large cities, 20 space launcher simulators will be set up for some time. In these simulators, the public can try how it feels to go into space with Space Adventures Bifrost.

    The simulators will be located in public places with heavy traffic of pedestrians. This is so that as many as possible to notice the simulators and test on a ride into space. This will cause the Bifrost is a popular brand andbecome top of mind among people who think of the feeling of going into space.

  • Wish me luck!

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