Beard Me Some Music

Created: 06/19/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
"Beard Me Some Music" by Luis Pinto, 2012.
  • Beard Me Some Music
    Mixed Media Illustration, 2012
  • "Beard Me Some Music", dedicated to all the bearded people who make wonderful music. This is a mixed media illustration, which you can get as a print on my Society6 Shop. It was fun doing this groovy looking composition. Hope you like it! Carpe Diem to you and thank you, your feedback is always important.
  • "Beard Me Some Music" Final Version
  • Detail
  • Gray Scale Version
  • "Beard Me Some Music" Main Version
  • "Beard Me Some Music"  (Photo Detail)
  • "Beard Some Music" Society6 Shop / $20.00

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