Banknotes posters

Created: 06/05/12
Last Edited: 01/11/13
A poster series I designed with elements taken from banknotes.
  • Banknotes posters

    The brief was to create a series of three posters using a graphic taste of your choice. The rule was to use only elements from existing banknotes with the addition of a few basic elements of graphics. I was inspired by the works of Mark Weaver. I made this project during my digital design course, hosted by my friendly and inspiring teacher Pietro Puccio, at NABA (Milano).
  • Poster 1
  • Poster 2
  • Poster 3
  • le Gouverneur / $17.00
  • il Popolo / $17.00
  • Mistero / $17.00
  • To be honest, there is only one element that I did not take from the banknotes (in addition to geometric figures). Can you find that?
  • Some of the original banknotes
  • Cambodia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Dominican Republic
  • Malaysia
  • United States
  • Zaire
  • Nicaragua
  • Thanks for appreciations and sharing.
    Feel free to contact me!

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