Created: 04/01/12
Last Edited: 03/20/13
Project Hot Flying Metal is a collaboration between the CSULB student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) as well as seniors from the CSULB Industrial Design Program. CSULB SAE is a student run organization that works with their community to promote competitive development on and off of campus as part of the Associated Engineering Student Body at CSU Long Beach. Their current goal is to engineer the chassis, engine, and overall mechanics of two race cars from scratch for enttry in SAE competitions during summer 2012. A formula style car will be entered in the Formula SAE competition and an off-road baja style car for entry in the Baja SAE competition. Both competitions take place in June shortly after the end of the Spring semester.
  • Baja SAE
    This was a collaboration project between the Senior Industrial Design (2012) students with Society of Automotive Engineering Students in Cal State Long Beach. My role here were to design and fabricate the Baja (off-road) car. This is an on going project, for more info please visit for more info and updates.
  • Initial Idea of the car including front grill and LED lights in the nose and head light.
  • Front View of the first Idea
  • The second idea which leads to the final idea
  • Here it is in the show room of Long Beach Convention Center

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