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Created: 09/24/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
This is the first poster in my "Greyscale" series. All the posters will continue the same mood, style and technique used. Each poster has a different character or subject. There will be merchandise available soon such as high quality art prints, Canvas prints, T-shirts etc.
  • Angels Predator
    Toon Artistry
  • My latest digital piece finally ready for publication. The piece is the first one from a series I am going to call the greyscale series. All posters will be similar in contrast, color, mood, technique and features except for the "main" character or subject. At the moment I am busy creating some cool merch for each poster as I make them. They will be available soon!
    If you have any questions or inquiries please drop me a line at 
  • Angels Predator

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