Created: 04/15/12
Last Edited: 04/11/13
Aggregate is a digital collection of minerals.
    AGGREGATE (n):
    1.  a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity
    2. term for minerals whose crystals come in groups of at times thousands of crystals and form a unique shape
    The purpose of this project was to create a digital collection of anything - in this case minerals - and to design the user experience around its organization.
  • + The loading screen that greets the user has an interchangeable high-res black and white background image.
    + The log in screen has space for users to input their username and password information. It also has the option to register for an account, or click the "Forgot Password" button for further assistance.
  • + The archive page features a gridded display of minerals organized according the user's preferences. The user can organize the archive viewing based on categories of mineral classification. Images on the archive page have an icon for "favorite" minerals.
  • + Clicking on an image on the archive page will bring you to the mineral's single-viewing page. This page allows the user to zoom in / out / around the image by pinching the screen with two-fingers. Buttons on the corners of the screen allow one to view information data for that image or to share that image with a friend by copy-and-pasting a short-form url.
  • + Above you will see the profile page and the upload page. The profile page contains 3 sections: 1 for new messages on the discussions page, 1 for their uploaded images, and 1 for their favorite image. Clicking the plus sign on any section will expand it to fit the page.
    + The upload page has two options. One is to take a photo by accessing the phone's camera from within the application. The other is to upload an existing photo from their camera's library. There is a link below the buttons for the app's privacy policy.
  • + These two screens are a continuation of the upload page. After uploading a photo, the user can crop the image by tapping the edges of the mineral with their finger to form a border. Once cropped, the user must fill in the needed information for that mineral before sharing it to be archived.
  • + The screens above show the settings page and the discussions page. The settings page has your average settings for account / profile information. The discussions page is an ongoing list of forum topics and messages. You can sort through the discussion by the time each message was posted, by the most popular topics, or by threads that you have contributed to. The black / green symbol next to each post determines whether you have contributed to that thread or not.
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