Adidas MVP 2011

Created: 05/18/12
Last Edited: 12/11/12
Tribute to MVP 2011 - Derrick Rose
  • Adidas x MVP 2011

  • The National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player (MVP)
    is an annual National Basketball Association (NBA) award given since the 1955–56 NBA season to the best performing player of the season. The winner receives the Maurice Podoloff Trophy, which is named in honor of the first commissioner (then president)  of the NBA who served from 1946 until his retirement in 1963. MVP voting takes place immediately following the regular season. Until the 1979–80 season, the MVP was originally selected by a vote of NBA players. However, since the 1980–81 season, the award is decided by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada, each of whom casts a vote for first to fifth place selections. Each first-place vote is worth 10 points; each second-place vote is worth seven; each third-place vote is worth five, fourth-place is worth three and fifth-place is worth one. Starting from 2010, one ballot was cast by fans through online voting. The player with the highest point total wins the award.  Since the 1982–83 season, every player who has won the award has played for a team with at least 50 regular-season wins (except for Karl Malone in the lockout-shortened 50-game 1998–99 season and LeBron James in the lockout-shortened 66-game 2011–12 season).

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