Created: 06/04/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12

_topher gent
  • 24
    steel, oak
  • As a craftsperson I am driven by the subconscious and perpetual desire to make. With “24” it was my goal to create an object that demonstrated a masterful control over my materials. I started with rings of oak surrounding a ring of steel, with the intention of suspending material in the center.

    I wanted the juxtaposition of materials to highlight the man-made versus the natural. And by creating a complex structure of bent wood around that, I would demonstrate mastery over the material. However, I quickly began to realize that my demonstration of mastery did not need to be an ostentatious display of skill. It should be simple and refined.

    Though I had constructed the structures together with the intentions of keeping them separate, after examining their relationships, I was compelled to bring them together, bending two wood rings on the outer and inner rims. My demonstration of mastery was to exist in simple gestures.

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